Painting, Acrylic on Canvas.

Size: 31.5 W x 23.6 H x 0.4 in

Ships in a Tube


The series "Through the cracks of asphalt" People want life - and their faceless gray mass absorbs the asphalt system. The teacher wants to teach, but it is not necessary, the doctor wants to treat, and the system does not allow, the director - to shoot a movie, but this is no means reformers want to change the system, and it crushes them.
 My project is about it. Imitation of life instead ... If people something and fails - it is only through the cracked asphalt. And they need to support! I reviewed in these asphalt roads and others. The drawings on the pavement, created at different times by different factors, different events and different patches road repairmen can see the entire history of Ukraine and not only Ukraine) I photographed these spots, patches, cracks, resin or gravel and then transferred to the canvas. It is not clear how certain people at different times have made such on the road do not notice it? Sometimes it was clear - the road itself is so intricately composed these images under the influence of various physical processes, and sometimes not. In these paintings may be seen, and more than I drew it or the road)) Everyone peered can see their)

By making such grief as roads Ukraine - places in philosophy, a place in history, sometimes in art, it is not so and sadly)))) but interesting. Also I always thought that the policy of our state is based on the germination through the gray asphalt of the present state and the wonderful life that is growing in spite of the hard gray asphalt roller and dares to hook or by crook to be bright and true.