Olga Adam

She graduated from the Academy of Design and Art of Kharkov, faculty of book graphics and University of Pedagogy of Kharkov, Faculty of History. For some years she worked in Kharkov in the field of theater, cinema and TV production, designed scenography and did staging. In 2010 she set up an art studio for children and adults in Kiev, organized exhibitions and artistic events. In a year she moved the studio to Turkey, where she worked in an art residency and actively participated in the exhibitions.

In 2013, she returned to Ukraine, and got exposed in the small galleries. She participated in major art festivals in the Ukrainian Parliament, Kiev City Council, Kiev Fortress, Lavra and others. In 2014 she participated in Artmaidan and Mystetska sotnia. In 2015 she created artworks and got first commercial success selling the artworks online to Ukraine, Europe, Asia and the United States through the Saatchiart.

In 2016 she took part in the creation of the Oscar-nominated film «Loving Vinsent». She organized exhibitions and art festivals with the Artsoul artistic agency. In 2017-2018, she contributed to a comic series about Anna Yaroslavna, illustrated two children’s books and decorated a small hotel in Cannes with a collection of her paintings. In December 2017 she created a series of paintworks "On the Edge" in the art residence in the Carpathians. The project represented the animals listed in the Red Book. In 2018, she took part in two international artistic residencies «Artcolony De Niro» in Bitola, Macedonia and in Trabzon in Turkey. In December 2018 - January 2019 she participated in two group exhibitions in Belgium - in Brussels and Brugge. In the July 2019 she held a personal exhibition at the Venice Biennale with her paintworks serie "Money of the World" 

Olga is a conceptual artist, she engages and interact with the audience, and holds masterclasses, live interactive painting events where she paints during the symphonic orchestra concerts. Her most successful and prominent projects to date were "Mothers of the World" and "Encounters after Life". The latter was featured in a Youtube video by a singer, Madina Amin in a cover version of "Remember Me", a soundtrack to Troy movie.

Olga's artworks have been featured in numerous exhibitions in Ukraine, Turkey,  Malta, Belgium and Italy. Her paintings are to be found in the private collections of the art lovers in Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, Austria, Georgia, Italy and France. Olga is currently participating in several international projects and is engaged in an art collaboration with a pop-opera signer from New York, Madina Amin. Olga experiences growing interest in her art globally and looks forward to implement new creative projects and events. 


Group exhibitions:

«Images in the air, think about what you breathe», May 2010

Ukrainian center of culture and art (Kiev) «Shots not done», December 2012

«Deero» Shopping Center (Antalya, Turkey) «Feeria di Capodanno», January 2012

Local administration of Konyalta (Antalya, Turkey) «Voice of the child», June 2013

House of the painter (Antalya, Turkey) «Days of Ukrainian culture in Turkey», August 2013

Gallery «Master Class» (Kiev) «Art Maidan», March 2014

Exhibition in the pavilion of the JCI Young Entrepreneurs Association in Malta, July 2014

Kiev Fortress, «Tаlеnt energy fest» Festival, February 2015

Kyiv Municipality, “The cracks in the asphalt” exhibition within the «Upward movement» project, October 2016

Festival What if fest, Gallery Lavra, Kiev, October 2016

Vizhnitsya National Natural Park, exhibition «The border», August 2017

Promenade Art Promenade shopping mall, September 2017

«Tryptich» Gallery, the final exhibition of the participants of the Decart art residence, 15-18 November 2017

Kiev Historical Museum, exhibition-auction, 16-28 November 2017 


Artistic residence De Niro in the city of Bitola, Macedonia, June 2018

«Femin Art» Cultural center in the municipality of Trabzon Turkey, July 2018

Bogart Gallery, Brussels, 1-14 December Brussels Belgium 2018 J

an Garemijnzaal, 7-14 January Bruges Belgium 2019

Venice Biennale Parallel program Zenobio Palace Women essence 10-17 May 2019

Parliament of Ukraine «Ukraine-Iraq», 24-30 May 2019

Personal exhibitions:

Art Club «Estate» (Zaporizhia), «Nine and a half shots not done», May 2011

The «Marshal Koshevoy» show «ART-flight» float Kiev-Odessa, July 2011

AMD Gallery (Kiev) «Sgurdo» Exhibition, March-April 2017

Dec art-residence Exhibition-show «Carpathian Harakiri» Migovo Carpathians, June-July 2017

Serra Gallery «Sguardo» Slavyansk, Donetsk region, January-February 2018

Grand Hotel Fairmont «In Focus» Exhibition Kiev, May 2018

Avenue of the fountains, Kiev, August 2018

«Сrazy face» Restaurant 5 Avenu Rezidense Kiev, November 2018 - February 2019

Museum of books and typography, Lavra Kiev, March 2019

Venice Biennale Personal exhibition "Watermarks or water wars" 15 -21 July 2019